People everywhere try to steal others’ work and call it their own. Sometimes when this happens it causes nasty copyright battles. Harper Lee is currently suing a museum in her hometown because they are “stealing” her work. Lee states that Monroe County Heritage Museum is using her name and book, “To Kill a Mockingbird”, for profit. There currently are gift shops with “unauthorized” merchandise and even plays performed.  Lee is not receiving any royalties from any of these.  Even though Lee is suing for copyright and trademark infringement, the museum’s attorney states that everything in the lawsuit is “false, meritless, or both”, especially because the museum is not for profit. That has not stopped Lee, however. Currently the lawsuit is called Lee v. Monroe County Heritage Museum, Inc. Hopefully soon Lee and her attorneys will get some answers and justice.


In a copyright article, “Copyright Reclamation For Songwriters Should Extend To Publicity Rights Reclamation For Former College Athletes”, Forbes discussed the lawsuits and disagreements college athletes are having with the NCAA. College athletes and their lawyers are arguing that after their college sports career “expires” they should receive royalties for their name and products. This is an issue because there was a copyright law passed in 1978 that stated after 35 years a song artist is able to recover their “creations” after signing a contract. People are proposing that the law would include the idea that a college athlete could receive royalties off of their name being used and even a way to split the profits with the university after eligibility expire after five years.

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One thought on “Copyright

  1. Reading articles like the first one really make my blood boil. People think they can just take other people’s work and use it for profit. Even if the museum is not for-profit, they are still advocating using someone else’s work for profit.

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